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Professional Search and Rescue K9 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Upstate NY. We offer Search  and Rescue services utilizing highly trained K9s.  Our teams members are certified; in Land Navigation utilizing GPS map and compass, Federal Incident Command System (ICS), first aid and the NYS DEC Basic Wildlands Skills and or Searcher 1. Both team members and K9s undergo rigorous testing. Team training meets and exceeds FEMA 508-8 Typed Resource Definitions. K9s are re-evaluated every 6 months and re-certified biannually.

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PROSARK9 team members have successfully participated in wilderness, trailing, human remains (land and water) evidence and crime scene searches all over the North East.  Our team is dispatched by local, State, and Federal agencies. PROSARK9 team has the combined experience of over 25 years in the Search and Rescue industry and the majority of our handlers are currently employed in a Law Enforcement capacity. Our team can assure quick, discreet and professional response. 
PROSARK9 team responds at no cost to the person missing or authorizing agency.

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